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We took out two new Portal website domains on 16 October 2019.
Unfortunately we used a shonky, predator called Network Solutions.

They have their 'solution' alright! They waited 15 days (two weeks), while we were very busy "Under Construction" on our new domains.

1. They stole our websites off of our server, and put them back on theirs.
2. One moment our domains are here, and then they are not!
3. They filled our domains with Ads. Ad money for them. And, the longer they 'hold' the websites the bigger their profits, and the more our domains are trashed by all the 404's from search engines, if you ever retrieve them.
Who needs hackers?
4. They did not respond to any of our emails.
5. We found on the net that any legitimate domain owner is suspected of being a terrorist; especially if they do not verify their email address with a second email address, other than their own domain email address !!
The old "Two wrongs make a right?" contribution. Stifled sniggers!

Q. Seriously, how many people would buy a website name, then decide NOT to verify their contact information, so that they couldn't use what they bought and paid for? Or, even KNOW that they need to 'verify' anything?

A. Oh, must be masses! Probably rampant on the ground!! Seriously, what sort of legality provides them (Net/Sol) the privilege of pillaging a legitimately bought and paid for service? ? Trashing copyright material too?

Found on 1 November 2019 on Google that Network Solutions had been hacked, again. It wasn't a 'once off'. And there goes security too!

AND yet Network Solutions live on, to do it ALL again ... Totally unforgivable.

Animated Run Away MouseOur thoughts:
"We were right to keep away from them, eventually =
Page SepUpdated June 2020 See another, independent Review of Network Solutions
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