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'Soar Above' is our latest promotional video tile on Instagram

'Soar Above' was produced entirely 'in house' using our upgraded Framer Plus for all frame handling, together with our new/upgraded software for sound/music/video manipulation.

We didn't believe we would be needing these, as we haven't even had pangs for producing videos, or dabbling in graphics with sound, for a long time.  We soon found that we still get a buzz from these, and that it is one of our many passions.

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'Soar Above'
below - 58 sec / 1.5 MB
CLICK or soarabove-touch.gif video with your finger

soarabove-notes.gif   Hint:  Misty clouds waft gently across the sky   soarabove-notes.gif

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Home Vintage Collection Resources Nav arrow Soar Above Privacy
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